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Musing about Power Rankings and the Chiefs

I usually try and write about the Saints and who they have coming up, in a way this article does concern the Saints but in an off handed way. Power rankings that are put out on a weekly basis are usually not worth the cyberspace that they are written on. I can say this because […]

Bill’s Power Rankings

Below is my power rankings through week 4. Usually after the first 3 or 4 weeks you start to see what teams are made up of. The changes to the rankings after that usually comes with the injuries and adversities that come with an NFL season as well as teams getting healthy later in the […]

Bill’s Power Rankings for Week 4

I usually don’t put a lot of stock in power rankings, but with Saints next game being on Monday night, I thought since I have time why don’t I come up with a power ranking that I like, let me know what you think. One of the big problems I’ve always had was power rankings […]