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Musing about Power Rankings and the Chiefs

I usually try and write about the Saints and who they have coming up, in a way this article does concern the Saints but in an off handed way. Power rankings that are put out on a weekly basis are usually not worth the cyberspace that they are written on. I can say this because […]

Bill’s Power Rankings

The Saints dropped from #2 to #4 after the loss to the Patriots. It was hard to put the Saints ahead of the Patriots the week after they lost to them, but it is what it is. Seattle could have just as easily been #3 instead of #5, that’s how close I see things between […]

Saints VS Patriots: First Look

This should be a fantastic game, the Saints have been rolling and until last week with bad weather the Patriots have been finding different ways to pull out wins. The return of Gronkowski should be an emotional lift to the Pats (especially Brady) after the uncharacteristic performance they just had against the Bengals. If you […]

Bill’s Power Rankings

Last week the 5 undefeated teams all played on the road, now there are only 3. This week the Chiefs and Broncos are at home and the Saints go on the road to take on the Patriots. There are a lot of great games on tap for this week, it should tell us a lot […]

Saints Winning Streak: Who’s Responsible

I’ve never been one to toot my own horn, I would rather that someone else point it out when I’ve done something exceptional to help out a friend, co-worker……..or my favorite team, but I have to let people know about this. In this case I can’t take credit alone, it is something that my wife […]

Saints VS Bears : Game Breakdown

For me this should be the game of the week, the Saints are one of 5 unbeaten teams that are playing on the road in week 5. I don’t think any of the other unbeaten team are facing an opponent of this caliber. For the Saints, this is another measuring stick in their season, playing […]

Bill’s Power Rankings

Below is my power rankings through week 4. Usually after the first 3 or 4 weeks you start to see what teams are made up of. The changes to the rankings after that usually comes with the injuries and adversities that come with an NFL season as well as teams getting healthy later in the […]

Sunday Week 4 Recap

With all of the games except the Patriots/Falcons game and the Saints/Dolphins game, below is a recap of the games played earlier. Some surprises but to me for this season one of the biggest surprises is that the Steelers and Giants are still winless.   Cowboys @ Chargers: I was curious how Dallas would do […]