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Beaux Knows: Week 4 picks and More

So the results from Beaux’s (my Great Pyrenees pup) challenge to me wasn’t even close. He ended up going 9-7 while I went 12-4. Of course he had some excuses such as; Packers got robbed, Vikings need a new QB, etc… But after all the grief he gave me about my picks the week before I have […]

What’s Happening With Reggie Bush Now?

I for one will be glad to see an end to this lockout. Not only will it give us some depth at football related news to write and read about, but it will get Reggie Bush back on the field and off of Twitter, the Internet, and ESPN some. Just yesterday I thought he might […]

The Who Dats Are Back

The New Orleans Saints looked more like the defending World Champions tonight as they handed the Texans a 38-20 beatdown–N’awlins style. Set up by a fiercely dominating rushing attack that amassed a total of 201 yards, the Saints’ victorious performance was a lot more impressive than the loss against the Patriots last week. There were […]