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NFC South: Week 10

As the season goes on, each weeks set of games gain in importance. This week is of particular importance for two NFC South teams, the Saints and Panthers. The Saints lead in the division has shrunk to 1 game and with the Saints upcoming schedule the game against the Cowboys falls into the must win […]

NFC South Week 8

For the NFC South this week the Saints are traveling to New York, Carolina is at Atlanta and Tampa Bay is making a trip to Seattle. Going into the midway point of the season New Orleans has a 2 game lead on Carolina, who might be one of the surprise teams of the league so […]

NFC South Report

I’m ready for some football, it seems like it’s been a lot longer than two weeks. Currently the Saints have a 2 game lead on the Panthers who are beginning to look like the real deal, if they keep playing the way they have it will make for some interesting Saints/Panthers matchups toward the end […]

Pro Bowl Voting coming up. Vote for Drew

Get ready to vote for Drew for the Pro Bowl….. Vicks Vote Brees 2014 — New Orleans Saints (@SaintsGab) October 20, 2013

Bill’s Power Rankings

Below is my power rankings through week 4. Usually after the first 3 or 4 weeks you start to see what teams are made up of. The changes to the rankings after that usually comes with the injuries and adversities that come with an NFL season as well as teams getting healthy later in the […]

Bill’s Power Rankings for Week 4

I usually don’t put a lot of stock in power rankings, but with Saints next game being on Monday night, I thought since I have time why don’t I come up with a power ranking that I like, let me know what you think. One of the big problems I’ve always had was power rankings […]

Beaux Knows: Week 4 picks and More

So the results from Beaux’s (my Great Pyrenees pup) challenge to me wasn’t even close. He ended up going 9-7 while I went 12-4. Of course he had some excuses such as; Packers got robbed, Vikings need a new QB, etc… But after all the grief he gave me about my picks the week before I have […]

Beaux Knows Football

Beaux knows (or thinks he does) Football So I was sitting on the porch this morning and looking at my picks  from week 2 when Beaux (my know it all Great Pyrenees) looked at my list and said “Seriously you picked Dallas over KC?” to which I told him if he thought he could do […]