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Saints vs Falcons: Random Thoughts

Saints and the Falcons on Thursday night. Even though we have two teams that are at the opposite end of the spectrum both statistically and record wise, none of that matters when the Saints play the Falcons. What you can expect is a tight game that goes down to the wire, like the first game […]

Saints Speed Week

Fast week for the Saints this week, hardly time to enjoy the victory over the 49ers before the Thursday night game against long time nemesis Atlanta.   As for the 49er’s game, whenever you have three turnover’s you don’t often when NFL games. But the Saints won on Sunday because outside of the turnovers they […]

Saints vs 49ers: First Look

This game has all the makings of a classic, one that is decided on the last play of the game. The 49ers have given the Saints some of their toughest losses in recent years, but this game is at the Dome and the Saints have been on a roll when playing in front of the […]

Saints vs Cowboys: Final thoughts about Week 10

After taking a step back and looking at the game last night, it was close to being a perfect game, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Much has been written about the yardage, both passing and running and the total domination of the Cowboys by the Saints. (Boy that felt good writing that) […]

Better than Punts

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Saints VS Cowboys:Game Preview

A lot has been written about the Saints vs Cowboys. Most of it has been Brees vs Romo, the last team that has the ball will win, or how the Cowboys broke up the Saints streak in 2009 at 13 wins. This game will depend on the defenses. I’m not saying that the defense’s will […]

Saints – Bills: Recap

The Saints overcame a sluggish offensive start with a great performance by the defense. To be sure the Saints offense failed to take advantage of the way the defense was playing but did manage to get their helmets on straight and ended up with a 35 -17 victory. Brees was able to complete passes to […]

Saints vs Bills: First Look

When I first looked at the schedule and saw Buffalo, I put this game in the win column for the Saints. But after looking at Buffalo they are a team that the Saints do no want to over look. Mario Williams is having a monster year with 10 sacks to this point and the defense […]