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Saints vs Cowboys: Final thoughts about Week 10

After taking a step back and looking at the game last night, it was close to being a perfect game, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Much has been written about the yardage, both passing and running and the total domination of the Cowboys by the Saints. (Boy that felt good writing that) […]

Saints VS Cowboys:Game Preview

A lot has been written about the Saints vs Cowboys. Most of it has been Brees vs Romo, the last team that has the ball will win, or how the Cowboys broke up the Saints streak in 2009 at 13 wins. This game will depend on the defenses. I’m not saying that the defense’s will […]

Saints VS Cowboys: First Look

Saints and the Cowboys, big game for both teams. At this point both teams are in 1st place in their respective divisions and need a win to keep up the pace. The Saints lost a game they felt like they should have won last week against the Jets while the Cowboys managed to come up […]

LB Thomas Could be a Good Fit for the Saints

Recently released linebacker Zach Thomas is about to go on tour. Visiting teams that is. Thomas was let go by the Dolphins last week, and despite only playing in a handful of games last season due to concussions, Thomas is being courted by a few teams around the league. Already set up to talk to […]