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Fans Speak After Loss To Browns: Support For Team Resounding

Since the Saints’ surprising loss to the Browns Sunday, there’s been plenty of blame and speculation to go around. I’ve seen comments on other sites and pages from angry fans and critics and comments from those sympathetic or just wanting to know what’s wrong with the World Champions. So I did one better. I put Saints Gab’s fans to the test. Via our very popular Facebook page, I asked them if they could say one thing to the Saints right now, what would it be? The response was overwhelming as fans began to post their heartfelt comments to the Saints. There was no coaching from me whatsoever as to what type of comments to post either. The only thing I asked was that they watch their language. I selected these to share exactly as they were posted.

Christina Winfrey:   “shake it off and get ready for next week WHO DAT!!!!!!?????!!!!!!! Geaux saints!!!!!”

Amanda Naecker:   “We still believe…Who Dat…coming back stronger fellas…remember that!”

Charles Brooks Hicks:   ?”1st i would thank them for everything they have done on and off of the field then i would tell them that i stand behind them win or lose.”


Justen Nokeyspushtostart Brimmer:   “COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!”

Sandra Licitra Castaneda:   “Go Saint’s!!!!You are still my boy’s win or lose. Let’s do this one game at a time, and make it Two Dat!!!!”

Risha Rushing Holmes:   “I was Born a Black & Gold Daughter… I spent my youth doing the WHO DAT holler….”

Risha Rushing Holmes:   “We couldn’t score, but we had love,
That’s the one the Who dats made sure of,
We love football even when we can’t make a doggone field goal.”

Risha Rushing Holmes:   “above sung to Loretta Lynn…”

Snuffy Kirk:   “GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Luis Ortiz:   “Tough lost. Now get up. Dust yourselves off. And beat the steelers. There is still hope. Just believe. Drew get your head in the game. No presure. :)”

Luis Ortiz:   “We ? dem who dat”

Brandon Collinsworth:   “We still believe in you.”

Dawne Carpenter:   “We still believe!!! Last week ya’ll blew ’em out the water. Not so good this week, but I’m a WHO DAT! and I believe!!! Like Luis said, get up, dust yourselves off, and play against those steelers like we know ya’ll can… WHO DAT! We Love our Saints and we always will no matter, if you win or lose!!! I know I’m a WHO DAT ’til the end…”

Moni Silva:   “this new mexico derby girl bleeds black and gold, u my dears rock my world! who dat girl forever GEAUX SAINTS!!!!”

Rhonda Willard:   “Win or lose, we still love the Saints! In all reality they are probably even more disappointed in the outcome of the games than the fans are. They will work on the problems and improve because they are good players.”

Kimberly DeBlanc:   “Y’all got dis!! Shake it off. Who day!?!!!”

Kimberly DeBlanc:   “Who dat?!??!!”

George Banks:   “Saints know how to play football, offense and defense, its hard to repeat a year like last year it was magical, and its all still there. Bring back that carefree football fun attitude win or lose. Who dat!”

James Welsh:   “JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nikeya Brumfield Avery:   “Y’all always bounce back. Keep your heads up! Let’s do this! Who Dat!!!”

Clara McManus Gould:   “Who dat! We dat! Two dat! Repeat dat!”

Dawn Dawson:   “We as WHO DAT FANS LOVE OUR BOYS IN THE BLACK AND GOLD.NEVER loose faith.i r loose im behind our boys til my last breath.”

Marylyn Michelle Jenkins-Leonard:   “Defy the Critics!!! Go Get them Steelers!!”

Sharon Green-Etienne:   “Let move forward go saints.”

Cressa Hazelbaker:   “Love you boys! have so much faith admiration and awe for y’all, always have always will! Bless you Boys!!!” x0x0

Jacquella Doise Manuel:   “Hold your heads up proudly….adjust and move forward!!! Love the Saints thru thick and thin!!! Who Dat!!”


 Bill Barber:   “lets get it together we have our biggest on sun night.”

Marsha Wall Smith:   “Dont give up!! Love the game!! Play with HEART!!!”

Alida Roth Chatham:   “Never give up GEAUX SAINTS WHO DAT!!!!!!!”

Jonathan Davis:   “WHO DAT, WE DAT, 2 DAT, and I MEAN DAT.”

Susan Gest Wallace:   “Still a Saints fan always have been and always will be.”

Sherry Clements Bush:   “I bleed BLACK~N~GOLD everyday all day!! LETS GO GET EM BOYS!!!!!! We are da WHO~DAT!!!!!”


Elnora Thomas:   “Get up SAINTS, dust yourself off and lets go “Get Dem”!!! Who Dat!!!!!”

Gigi Gonzalez:   “I love you guys….Saints fan 4-eva babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Debora Mickelson:   “I know without a doubt, I will be watching my, Saints once again play in the Superbowl!”

Darlene Miller Belka:   “If God brings ya to it, he’ll bring ya through it! We ALL have bad days. Hopefully yours are over! Now geaux beat dem Steelers! Gotta show them who’s the real black and gold! WHODAT!!!!”

Cassidy Skipper:   “Finish strong smell greatness take it as it comes one game at a time! Go SAINTS!!!”

Jessie Smith:   “go black and gold… lets get it together and get it back on track….”

The Who Dat Nation has spoken.  So regardless of what you might have heard to the contrary, I can tell you that an overwhelming majority of fans are in full support of the Saints and still believe that the team can and will get to the Superbowl.  You’ve read the comments.  Judge for yourself.

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10 Responses to “Fans Speak After Loss To Browns: Support For Team Resounding”

  1. Risha Holmes says:

    Yes!! I will scream WHO DAT even if they sue me! I believe! Great article!

  2. nolalola504 says:

    Thanks, Sheletha, for keeping us positive! I must admit, the rest of the day Sunday, I kept feeling like I’d just had a bad dream and it didn’t actually happen. But after reading your lovely post, I’m ready to go into the Dome on Sunday (my fiance’s boss gave us his FANTASTIC seats for an anniversary present, and my fiance is a die-hard Steelers fan) AND PUT UP A FIGHT! I expect to be without a voice on Monday from screaming “WHO DAT” as we hold Big Ben to 21 pts vs our 28. Any given Sunday, right?

    • Thank you for this inspirational comment. You know, it’s so easy to give up, especially when things go sour. But if the fans don’t stay positive, no one else is going to. The commentators and analysts have already dumped our season. Sound familiar? They did the same thing last year and look what happened. Except for those turnovers, the Saints are playing some very good football. They can still get it together and go back to the Superbowl.

      Happy Anniversary! My spouse is a Steeler fan too and so is my son, so I understand you perfectly on that. Enjoy the game Sunday. And tell the 12th man to stand up, even when things get slow for us. They make a difference. Don’t let anything take you guys out of the game! Who Dat!

  3. Marylyn says:

    Lots of Positive comments were made, that’s great. True fans never fade away!! Keep up the good work.

  4. says:

    Who Dat? How about the Cleveland Browns!!!!
    Sorry Saints fans I do love you guys and love Saintsgab just had to rub in a little bit since I never get to… Keep doing a good job with the site and get the Squeelers on Sunday Night… Go Browns!!!!

    • Nice to hear from you over at Browns Gab. Congratulations on your big win against the defending Superbowl champs. I wrote in my pregame article that it would be a battle and Cleveland came to play. That’s the way you coach and execute a gameplan if you wanna win. Good luck with the rest of your season, man. And thanks for stopping by.

  5. charles hicks says:

    i think its great that you would include our comments in your article.thank you

    • It’s I who should be thanking you, Charles. I appreciate you and all the others who take the time to read the articles. Without you guys reading Saints Gab, it would be just another idle site. So thank you so very much for your comment. Please feel free to comment again.

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