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Saints Off-season Moves

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One Response to “Saints Off-season Moves”

  1. Dave says:

    March 31st, 2010

    First and foremost, I’m a saint fan first and then a NFL football fan second.


    ( Excelling team – Good team – Average team – Below Average team )

    49ers Good team, still rebuilding, defense needs consistent help from their offense, but are solid. With Coach Singletray’s defense discipline the defense will get better. David Carr or Alex Smith neither will be the help they need. Niners keep looking for a QB. It all starts with QB, then M.Crabtree, V.Davis, F.Gore will compliment the offense secondly.

    Bears Good team, team needs J. Cutler to calm down, and stop taking comments and criticism to heart all the time. In game-play if J. Cutler starts out in a hole , it’s hard to get him out of it. If he doesn’t settle in his attitude is like, oh well. Bears need Cutler now or it will be another dud season, the defense is fading each year as well. The Bears need a new Offensive Coordinator to come up with a new play scheme. Most plays are based around Hester.

    Bengals Good team, offensively, defense needs help. C. Palmer can do it for the bengals, but they need that help from a solid defense that can take the burden off of C. Palmer shoulders. The Bengals ratio Offensive / Defensive now 75/25. Once they get to 60/40 they’ll be a AFC title contender.

    Bills Below Average team, Team believes they could be a one year wonder. They need a team overhaul. Starting with their QB situation. Their running game is all they have. Keep rebuilding, in 2-3 years maybe they’ll have a chance to reckon with. T. Owens career is coming to an end, if not traded he’ll finish as a superbowl champ runner up.

    Broncos Good team, they need to keep K. Orton as they’re starter. B. Quinn has been a third stringer an will be one. Notre Dame pushed B. Quinn out. People had hopes, but they hoped on the Notre Dame
    name that made him. Hopefully K. Orton can run a offense he is more comfortable with, than last year with rookie coach McDaniels. Josh McDaniels tried to rush everything and was impatient. The Broncos started out well, but after a loss, it all fell apart. With a green horn B. Marshall wanting to be great in his rookie season, he was a bit cocky. If he settles in and plays his role, in time he’ll be great. Credit soles to the team, J. McDaniels impact was minor this past year.

    Browns Average team, finally a QB for Cleveland. J Delhomme will play his heart out. Maybe the Browns will finish with 2-4 more wins then last year. I doubt it if J. Delhomme has another NFC championship or superbowl run. J. Delhomme had it hard against NFC QB’s like Brees, Romo, Farve, Warner, even Rodgers. Now he has to go against AFC QB’s like Manning, Brady, Sanchez, Rivers, Palmer, Young

    Buccaneers Below Average team. A team that needs a veteran QB, so Josh Freeman can learn from. A veteran QB at the helm, ( Delhomme would of fit in perfect ) will win more games then Freeman. The defense needs a touch up. This Tampa team needs to rebuild. It will be 3-4 years before Tampa Bay can be taking seriously.

    Cardinals Good team, if Matt Leinart is ready to be the new leader. This will be his fifth year, he has NFL experience. The run game is there to assist in the play balance. Leinart has to produce, if not, no playoffs for the Cardinals. With Joey Porter added, the defense is still strong an they have a well balanced team, almost scary.

    Chargers Good team, maybe a new offensive look now LT is gone. Question is can D. Sproles handle a full time role now. Or will it look like P. Manning and the Clots off balanced offensive. Maybe not with M. Bennett getting some touches now. Chargers have a decent looking playbook. The Jets- Chargers game could have went either way. The Chargers can get over the hump now, without LT. Sometimes in football losing a player is better than it really is. At first is hard to loose that player, but in the end when that player is gone and the ring is won, then it’s evident the changes paid off. Example losing Deuce McAllister in New Orleans last year opened up a role for others to help excel the Saints to be Champs.

    Chiefs Average team, with Matt Cassel and W.receivers they have a chance to make a wildcard run, in addition HB T Jones will strengthen the team. Defense has to be they’re focal point at this point, to hit that mark. The success of the Chiefs season is soles up it the defense.

    Colts Excelling team, good job SB 44 runner-ups. Hopefully next year the Colts will have similar success as this year. P Manning is getting ready for his 13th season with a strong offense. They let Hank Baskett go, so maybe they’ll try to bring in another key guy to add depth the passing game. They need to improve in the last rank run offense. That’s mandatory for the Colts. Luckily they got that far with this ratio overall team ranked 9th ( 2nd pass ) ( 32nd in run ) . Face it, the Colts are P. Manning driven, and the defense just comes along for the ride. Manning’s winning history with the Colts is through the offense.

    Cowboys Good team, but they play if they are intimated by the other team, over the years. T. Romo doesn’t have enough time to get the ball out, due to the fact Witten is always included in the pass play. The little running backs can’t contain an extra linebacker coming up the middle. The running game is inconsistent with touches between 3 HB’s M. Barber, F. Jones, T. Choice. They haven’t allowed one back to take the lead role. More timed passing routes short yardage gains.

    Dolphins Average team, looking to get better. Chad Henne has a chance to help the dolphins maybe be playoff contenders this year or the next. The dolphins use the wildcat way too often, teams see right through this play call. As soon as the running back gets in shotgun behind the center, it’s an all out 11 player defensive attack on that one man. Bust Play

    Eagles Good team, but time for change. When will the eagles say bye-bye to D. Mcnabb. It’s like the eagles are loyal to Mcnabb like Al Davis to his leadership Philosophy. Mcnabb got to the big game once, it won’t happen again in Philly or not. Cut Mcnabb, start K. Kolb, he’s been around now learning waiting his turn. Mcnabb should of been replaced 2 year ago, so now 2 years in and this year coming. Eagles fans will wait another year if it doesn’t happen again this year. Westbrook is out, so the Mcnabb to Westbrook screen is over. One sink they all sink.

    Falcons Excelling team, with 3rd year man Matt Ryan running the offense, an with a strong running game from M. Turner. The Offense can easily be in the top 5 teams in total offense this coming year. Defense will be strong. Some of the last years Falcon’s games were close. The Playoffs for them almost occurred. Look for the Falcon’s to go far in the next few years.

    Giants Good team, with a very good Coach. Coach Tom Coughlin will turn the team around with his fair but firm teaching skills. The Giants will get back to playoff form. With 15- 20 touches for Brandon Jacobs, they will have a balanced game again. Take your time E. Manning, as you know about fourth quarter comebacks (below). The game will play in self.
    2004 – 1
    2005 – 2
    2006 – 2
    2007 – 7 (4 reg season 3 playoffs)
    2008 – 3
    2009 – 2

    Jaguars Average team, but declining. David Garrard’s football IQ is okay, but his play is mediocre. M.J. Drew has most of the load on his shoulders with inconsistent touches. Basically they’re a 8/8 team. M.J. Drew get out when you can. Coach Jack Del Rio start the rebuild process now, starting with the QB issue. Winning status are some years away.

    Jets Excelling team, but won’t repeat to the AFC Championship game. LT’s role won’t be much of a factor. Thomas Jones did a better then what LT will do. When LT is inserted, his blocking ability isn’t the best, and when he gets the ball everyone will collapse on him. The stronger AFC teams will go further . The Jet’s will make a wildcard seed. Second year QB Mark Sanchez will have a better season then last years 2nd season QB Matt Ryan. The Jets Defense is overrated. Losing Kerry Rhodes will drop the defense lower then it is. I guess LT must of thought, if you can’t beat them join em.

    Lions Below Average team, that needs to keep rebuilding and rebuilding. Matthew Stafford will do well with help in the next few years.

    Packers Good team, but one big flaw, is they start out slow. I should say Aaron Rogers starts slow. Packers play a good game, good enough to make it to the playoffs. A. Rodgers is a come from behind player. Its hard to finally get warmed up in the 3rd quarter, by this time it’s too late. Too much pressure on a team by always being behind playing catch up. Packers need to come out stronger and dictate the game, carry the momentum and then finish strong.

    Panthers Average team, that will decline even more. Losing J. Delhomme ended their franchise. The Panthers organization has high expectations, and QB Matt Moore can’t handle the load he’s left with, the Panthers have two strong HB’s that will try to carry a team, it won’t be enough. The Panthers winning production will decrease each year. WR Steve Smith won’t be a factor at all. The Panthers are done.

    Patriots Good team, that has a chance to make a AFC Championship run. With Tom Brady back and healthy, look for the offense to be precise like they were in past years. I do question Bill Belichick to have a better play scheme for the offense this year. They could toughen up the defense too, if they want total success, to get back to superbowl playing status.

    Raiders Below Average team, with Jamarcus Russel and his lackadaisical attitude. The team will struggle around with up and downs. It’s difficult for some players to care and some to not. I guess the morale of the team drops each week. The Raiders need a Coach that can solely have his interest in his team, not on other legal matters other situations.

    Rams Below Average team, that needs a lot, starting with the defense, then at the QB position if Kyle Boller can’t hack it. The running game, can get strong again with a balance of pass – run plays.

    Ravens Excelling team, with a great 3rd season QB Joe Flacco, a tough running game between Ray Rice and Willis McGahee, and a load full of receivers to go to. As well as the ever so tough Defense. The defense is still kicking but their starting to slow down. So If the Ravens have a shot they need to do it this year or the next, since they have the balance of offense and defense coming together. Lots of teams wish they had a balance like this, Ravens don’t miss it.

    Redskins Average team, even with new Coach M. Shanahan. Jason Campbell reminds me of ex. Saints QB Aaron Brooks. He’s good but not willing to learn more, and do it precisely. Clinton Portis is fair, but he gets the ball to frequent. Teams see through the Redskins offense. They are easy to defend. Redskins are a 6-10 to 7-9 team. Time to rebuild, or trade for a new Qb.

    Saints THE BEST team in the NFL, and will look strong if not stronger next year. The Saints have held the #1 offense spot for 4 years, odds are, they’ll do it next season too. The defense did well enough to help win it all, but they need to toughen up on stopping the run. But who knows, the edge about the Saints Defense, they may they allow alittle more to run, so they can stop the passing game. Face it the Saints D did own the league in 39 take-always, whatever for the ring, I get it. There are only 2 teams the Saints need to beat to say they are the new total dominant elite team, a Saints team that can destroy any team, and the same team that wants to win another ring. They need to beat the Steelers, and Ravens, which they lost both games to in 2006, which they play this 2011 year. Steelers at New Orleans, Ravens at home. After the Saints beat these two teams, . They will be elite to win it again. ( Remember Chris CollinsWorth commenting on the Patriots in 2007, that they are the toughest team he ever seen in NFL history ). The Saints are the most feared team like the 2007 Patriots. Face it, the Saints own the NFC. They will beat all NFC contenders even Dallas, if Dallas can make it. The Saints will dictate the Cowboys fate as contenders, after they get them back for that loss that ended a streak that could of ended in a perfect season. After that it’s evident the Saint’s own the Patriots, Colts, Jets, and Chargers which the Saints they beat them in London in 2008. No one will stop the Saints. They are the team of the Decade, and they’ll keep the train going. How about that, the Saints shocked everyone, and will shock them again. The Perfect team is put together and there is no stopping this run away train. Let Go N-O, let’s do it again, then again, I guess I can’t get too overzealous.

    Seahawks Average team, that lacks a little of everything. After HB Shawn Alexander left, the team has declined. Not sure if Coach Carroll will
    get much accomplished his first year in. The Seahawks wide receivers click are most undersized. TJ Houshmandzadeh is their best target. The run game is a big question. Does HB Juluis Jones take the game serious, did Dallas see something maybe the Seahawks will see soon. He isn’t as good as his older brother Thomas Jones. The Verdict 7-9 this season.

    Steelers Good team, looks to do well this season, only if Troy Polamalu plays. T. Polamalu is one of the top five best players right now. He is the difference maker in the Steelers success. He single handed turns the game around. The Steelers offense run is strong with HB Rashard Mendenhall hitting the middle. The Steelers offensive game plan comes to play every week. They play a simple know when to pass, an know when to run. Advice for Steelers opponents. Watch and double Hines Ward on the opening game play. They always go to him. You can have the best start of a game by a turnover. Football is played with morale and momentum, so if it’s broken early than the game is yours.

    Texans Good team, that just missed the playoffs last season. They lost a few close games. They’ll maybe make they playoffs with patience. Some time or not a teams success will come around. Maybe this year or next.

    Titans Excelling team, that could be the new face of the AFC this year. With Vince Young now settled in, and taking constructive criticism. He’s learning the game at a more extensive rate, then he did before. He realized that starting spot could be filled by someone else. With an add to running game, Chris Johnson is explosive and will get several first downs that will lead eventually lead to a TD. With Lendale White coming in to clean up the
    3rd and 2 down. Their tough to stop. L. White reminds me of Jerome Bettis.The Titans will rank in the top 5 AFC teams this coming year.

    Vikings Excelling team, looking to do be the biggest flop of the 2011 season. They don’t have a shot to get back to the NFC Championship game. Brett Favre’s mountain climb to the NFC game was it. He exceeded all expectations, favorably when he beat his old team twice, which I think was his highest personal goal. So next year if he decides to returned it will be a play around for him. The Vikings young squad will play well, but it starts with the QB. I do give Adrian Peterson upmost credit, he’s considered the Mike Tyson of football. A. Peterson is the most feared HB in football now.


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