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Who Dats Arrive in Miami

I know many Who Dats couldn’t take the entire Super Bowl week off to go to Miami, instead opting to go to Miami this weekend for the big game. Well, the Who Dats are out in full force and people have noticed. Even Tony Dorsett, Evander Holyfield, and Doug Flutie have joined in on the action as the Who Dats invade Miami.

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3 Responses to “Who Dats Arrive in Miami”

  1. Dave says:

    For Saints: Players, staff, fans ( Please repost.)

    The Truth About The Saints.

    New Orleans Saints Offensive is ranked #1, with a defense with the most takeaways this season. The Colts worse nightmare. Fact is the Colts are over-matched in this one. New Orleans will manage the game perfect, and hopefully win comfortably. Game plan will be flawless.

    This is what will occur. MVP Peyton Manning will encounter a driven up Saint’s team that’s considered a 53 man MVP roster on Super Bowl Sunday. The players will give 110% and have a go get it ( go for broke ) attitude. The Saints will play like Soldiers, and Warriors in their team-fan taken House ( Miami ). Peyton Manning will have to much on his shoulders with a Colts offense ranked (9) OVERALL, RUSH (32), PASS (2).
    The Colts are last in the run. The Saints will exploit this with their takeaways ratio.
    The Saints d-line will dominant the Colts o-line, starting with Sedric Ellis beating Jeff Saturday to the punch . Ellis is younger, faster, stronger. On top of that, 5th ranked sack leader Will Smith will be coming up around on P.Manning, not to mention 6-6 Bobby McCray putting pressure as well as hands up on a tall QB p Manning.

    Drew Brees put up 34 td’s with 11 int. with a NFL record of 70.62 pass completion.
    P. Manning numbers are 33 td’s with16 int’s. It’s evident that Drew Bree is the better QB playing on the field on Superbowl. The Colts are one dimensional. The Colts secondary is suspect. Drew will pick them apart.. Gary Brackett will probably go man to man on any Saint running back (which will beat him most of the time) . The Colts front d-line can stop the bigger, stronger Saints o-line.

    Face it the Saints played their toughest opponent, the Vikings. The upmost credit given to Brett Farve, Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, an others as well, they did a good job.

    The Vikings front four d-line are 6-5 R. Edwards, 6-3 P. Williams, 6-5 K Williams, 6-6 Jared Allen, compared to Colts starters 6-2 R. Mathis, 6-3 A. Johnson, 6-2 D. Muir, 6-1 D. Freeney. This is a big height drop off ( for what some say a short 6-0 D. Brees) to exploit this weakness especially on the left side of the colts d line. The bigger Saints o-line will contain the Colts from getting to Drew, like they’ve done in the last two games.What ever Freeney decides, it’s evident that the ankle is banged up. Drew is flawless now with 6 td’s no 0 int’s. The Colts linebackers can’t handle 6-5 Jeremy Shockey, 6-3 David Thomas, nor can the small Colts secondary can’t handle 6-4 Marques Colston, 6-2 Robert Meachem. The tallest in the Colts secondary is about 6-1. Big height margin here. The Saints can rotate on every play up to 9 to 10 players on offense. Out of say 5 receivers, only one will get he ball, while the others or decoys and clutch blockers. The Colts won’t have a clue to what they’re doing. Come on it’s the Superbowl. New plays, you’ve never seen. Colts, you guys are wasting your time studying the plays on film, you guys will be playing the guessing game the whole time. Hope the Saints don’t run it up ( I hope so).

    This is what the Colts thought about by releasing a once 5-8 Colt Jason David, after their super bowl win. So the Colts think like this about smaller players, everyone saw what happened to Marvin Harrison. They are very worried. Colt player Raheem Brock “said in a statement that all season long the team never got the respect they deserve. Face it, the Colts are P. Manning driven, and the defense just comes along for the ride. Manning’s winning history with the Colts is through the offense. Colts won a Superbowl over a team
    that was one dimensional, a defensive dominance. A team that once dominated the Saints in the 2006 NFC game.

    This time around Saints remember the Colts beating they took in the game opener in 2007.The Colts momentum took over after the Saints slow start, which also was the cause that the Saints to lost to Dallas this year. New Orleans has a revamped defense that P. Manning won’t expect.
    Also Colts SS Melvin Bullitt, and Gary Brackett” mentioned in a press conference ( that they practice against their own colts offense, an that he considers them to be the best offense in football ). Hold up, in the last fours years saints are 2006 – #1, 2007- #4,
    2008 – #1, 2009 – #1, pretty much number one through these years. Hopefully the Colts won’t compare this too in depth.

    Another fact Brett Farve tds-int stats ( including the cowboys game ) was 37-7. Which was a career low 7 int’s. Until he met the Saints, 2 picks in a crucial game. With P. Manning’s 16 int’s, that’s beyond double the fact, that P. Manning may throw 1 or more int’s against the top takeway team. The Saints scored a total of 192 points with a average of 31.9 points per game. While the Colts scored 146 with and average of 20.6 a game. The Saints have outscored them in points by 46. Most of the Saints games were convincing and comfortable wins. Unlike the Colts having some midseason scares (week 9-12) wasn’t the best. In the end the saints didn’t hurt by 3 losses at the end, they had the NFC wrapped up, as proven.

    Between these three top QB, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees.
    Tom Brady 10th season – 3 rings, some nfl record awards, when T. Brady’s hit’s his12th season, where will he be. I doubt T. Brady will get a another ring.
    Peyton Manning 12th season – 1 ring, some nfl record awards, team still is going strong.
    Drew Brees 9th season – Maybe 1 ring ( this year ), some nfl record awards, team still is going strong, Drew Bress still has 3 years to go to make 12 years, which where P. Manning is at now. P. Manning won his ring at his 9th season. So Drew has a chance to equal out or to even excel over T. Brady and P Manning to even be the best of all time. Marino’s record of all time passing yards almost fell last year.
    Just recently. Quoted by Terrel Owens if he had QB’s like Brady, Peyton, or Drew. His career would be near Jerry Rice’s status. Drew’s name is mentioned alot lately by reputable names.

    How would it hurt more to lose like the 2007 Patriots lost. To go 18-0, and lose the big one, or have a couple of losses like Indy and lose to the Saints. Maybe perfection should have been sought by Indy. They my have imposed fear in the Saints like the Patriots did to everyone in 2007. But like coach Ditka said, about the standards in the NFL, “means to achieve excellence and perfection”. The Colts passed on this. Could be rookie Coach Cadwell was playing it safe. That takes demeanor and morale out of a team. Instead a Colts team will be left saying ( if i, should da, could da, would da) did this. Example, an 8 year coach will go for it on 4th down more then a rookie coach. Coach Cadwell may be better in his later years because he’ll have experience to gut call on.

    All player awards should be given after the Superbowl. When players are nominated for awards through-out the season, and continue playing through a superbowl. It shows the true
    last superstars standing. They should have that opportunity to earn it fair and square. Come on CharlesWoodson defensive MVP. His season is over, after being beat by the Cardinals, an then a Cardinals team that the Saints blowout. ( Pro Bowler ) Darren Sharper is still out there putting up numbers and now he’s in the big game, both corners finished with 9 int’s. As to go for MVP, how can they give it to Peyton and Drews numbers are right there, might not be as high in some stats this year ( passing yards, which any other year he owned ). But D. Brees led in two stats that dominated over passing yards, completion rate and td’s. So it’s fair to say Drew is consistent. Drew has help now, as well as a fall on team to rely on as with three big HB backs. How does this look , Drew beats MVP Peyton in Superbowl. Drew should have this honor. This would be an accolade he could put with his Hall Of Fame honor. This is to crucial to award this too early. Hopefully NFL Commissioner Roger Goodwell and colleagues will look into this.

    This year big key win for the Saints was beating the Patriots. After Tom Brady’s 2nd interception, I never saw Bill Belichick and T. Brady have a look of disarray like they had. They stood away from the team as to what happen to the game and how it got out of hand, and I guess to view the look of the Patriots of the future.

    The Saints power Defense recorded 26 interceptions compared to colts 16 interceptions, 5 int’s for the saints taken to the house, to the colts 2.
    Jaberi Greer will cover Reggie Wayne, and Darren Sharper will help when needed. Tracy Porter will school Pierre Garcon ( like he did against a stronger, taller Sidey Rice and rookie of the year Percy Harvin). Scott Fujita will play Austin Collie under while Harper will play him over. Dallas Clark will have a Jonathan Vilma blanket on him. When Joseph Addai is in, as soon the play advances and the Saints see its not a run, a quick cover will occur. When Donald Brown is inserted it could be some sort of screen, which the saints will see through and make a good play without giving up big yards. On a pass play, if P. Manning first and second option is covered, too late. The Saints will be marching up the middle disrupting everything. Peyton Manning so called audible will be a bluff. The crowd noise in this Saints staduim will be so loud, the Colts will pretend to audible here and there, then they may just call the orginal play as the seconds tick down.

    On Super Bowl Sunday the surprize will happen. They are more Saint fans then you think. The Saints Who Dat Nation is as deep as any Steelers
    Cowboys, Packer fans. The Saints NFC championship game attracted 57.9 million viewers. Like Dree said in the pregame before playing Atlanta
    in Georgia. (Today this is our house), which will also imply to Miami, being Saints domain.

    I listen to some NFL coaches, ex. players, an analysis. Mostly all are picking the Colts. Are they on the band wagon behind the colts, or maybe they’re bias from the beginning. Some stand out ex. players, and all are rolling with the Saints. Fact is, you think the New Orleans Saints will let a measly little team get in the way of their dream. Right now it doesn’t matter who they would play, if it was Steelers, Patriots, Chargers, Jets doesn’t matter, the Colts are the unfortunate team here. That’s how it’s fewed. Being from the South myself, I know that mentality. NFL football nation don’t be surprized when it gets out of hand.
    Kurt Warner retires at his 12th Season, Brett Farve will probably quit too. This is P Manning 12th years as well , could he retire too. Face it, when the Colts loose, they never have a career run like they had, a chance for perfection, they gave that up. It’s unlikely the Colts won’t have a run like they did this year. Could the mighty Saints make the three qbs stand in there way, just out right quit. Kurt and Brett realized that it’s improbable for them to get to this level as well.
    I hear talk going around about the Saints players are going to be laying hits out there. True, they will play the game aggressive but not to hurt anyone, they won’t need to. They will force P. Manning to simply fall like he did vs. the Jets. And cause him to rush all of his timing quick routes. The Saints want to be the best, they will beat the Colts at full strength. Colts players, fans no excuses after the onslought, ya’ll about to get it. Ya Heard, Let’s go, N-O. The 12th Man has Spoken.

    Shout out to Colts QB’s Peyton Manning, an Curtis Painter being born in New Orleans.
    Shout out, to Jamie Dukes, Rod Woodson, John Madden.
    (Repost this topic) By: SupersaintDave, the 12th man

  2. Big congratulation…. for New Orleans win Supper Bowl game….you play really awesome tonight..:)

  3. the New Orleans city is back to life… happy for them..:)

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