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President Obama’s Super Bowl Pick

And the winner is…The New Orleans Saints!

President Barack Obama revealed his pick last night in an exclusive interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer

“You know, I think both teams are terrific,” Obama told Sawyer. “I guess I am rooting a little bit for the Saints as the underdog, partly just because when I think about what’s happened in New Orleans over the last several years and how much that team means to them. You know, I’m pretty sympathetic.”

I wonder if the Super Bowl betting odds makers agree with him.

Thanks for your vote of confidence Commander in Chief!

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51 Responses to “President Obama’s Super Bowl Pick”

  1. Mikey says:

    …and in other news, my beard grew about 0.00042 inches today. Both are of equal importance to the outcome of the superbowl.

  2. jjckie says:

    …………so why bother to read or post your dumb comment GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eva says:

    What’s not to love about black, gold and fleur de lis. Does not have to be scientific!

    Go SAINTS……..

  4. Marc E says:

    Lazziz le bon temp roulez…Geaux Saints

  5. Mary Lou says:

    It’s too bad Obama gave the Saints a pity vote – he’s backing the losers. GO INDY!!!!!

  6. Marvin says:

    Colts are totally going to kick saints ass…So mr. obama suck it…

  7. Darrell says:

    Well the Saints were picked by the loser in the White House. Sorry Saints fans this bum hasn’t picked anything right since he went to Washington.

  8. Billyjean says:


  9. colts fan says:

    Why would anyone care what Obama’s prediction is? He clearly is not a sports fan…missing the annual Army Navy game that no president has ever missed. GO COLTS!
    Psalm 109:8

  10. Maueizio says:

    Who cares what he thinks!

  11. marshall says:

    He knows his football! Saints 49 Colts 27

  12. sara says:

    go saintgo!!!!!!!!!!!! this is your time.Ric bush
    are hot bebexxxx

  13. Black and Gold says:

    C.O.L.T.S. means… count on losing the SuperBowl

  14. B AND J says:

    COLTS ALL DAY COLTS 24-Saint 22

  15. steve says:

    obama we need jobs not football predictions

  16. gg says:

    i love president obama and i love saints!!!!!!!!

  17. Peyton4President says:

    Watch out Obama! After Peyton kicks the Saints out of Miami he’s kickin you out of the White House in the next election! BOOYAH! Peyton for president!

  18. GeauxDog says:

    Please read what was said. Rooting for and picking someone to win are two different things. He didn’t predict anyone to win. He said he was rooting for the Saints. That’s not a prediction!! Geaux Saints !!

  19. Twobesure says:

    Wow, the President, made a comment worth noting. With all that New Orleans has gone through and have revived and survived the disaster that will always be assocoated with New Orleans, I am cheering for the Saints too. let’s not make this political. God Bless America, God Bless America and God Bless the saints! Go Saints…

  20. Zack says:

    Saints 100 Colts 3

  21. barman1 says:

    no matter who wins or who loses… the SAINTS gave new orleans somthing they have been waiting for years , a chance at the big game. for all you nay sayer. new orleans is a great city and we have a great football team. GO SAINTS …WE ARE THE WHO DAT NATION

  22. price7707 says:

    President Obama hasn’t been able to do anything right since he got into office. This is just another example. Go Colts!!

  23. Rich says:

    Saints going to win by 2 touchdowns

  24. shyne says:

    if you live in the United States of America…….Gusess what! President Obama is your president too…i am lol at you if you don’t like it find out where your ancestors came from and go back! cause clearly you are not contributing anything of value to America, specially not your opinion! Geaux Saints! U R now entering The Who Dat Nation! Who Dat! Who Dat! Saints 42, Colts an Ass whiping! no matter what the score!

  25. ThE_SaInT says:

    Hey Manning. Beware. This is not your daddy”s Saints.

  26. Big O says:

    @ marvin u suck..

  27. Stevemeister says:

    The Saints will be marching in Miami. Who Dat Nation rules!!!!!!!

  28. Don Corzine says:

    A devil picking the saints?

  29. mike says:

    Well now we know who will win just like last year why can’t this clown keep his mouth shut first he makes Washinton worse than it was now he has to screw up sports?

  30. dpound2323 says:

    Does anyone really care anymore what B.O. thinks???

  31. dpound2323 says:

    To add on to what “Lance” said..He’s neither Pres. Obama or Mr. Obama…He’s Barack to me…

  32. Ben Dover says:

    I would be upset if that loser, President Obama, picked my favorite team to win the Super Bowl. That’s the kiss of death.
    The Saints got to the Viking’s QB (I won’t even that jerks name) alot in the championship game, but they would have lost if Minnesota didn’t turn the ball over 6 times.
    So couple their inexperience with the fact they got out played in the NFC championship game, and Obama’s endorsement, things don’t look too good for the Saints.
    The Colts are going to win Super Bowl XLIV.

  33. Jerry C says:

    His name is NObama. I didn’t vote for him so he’s not my president. Truth be told, even though you voted for him, do you really think your vote mattered as well? LOL…

  34. TheCoach says:

    The Colts are going to win because of Manning being the greatest
    quarterback of all time… there is no way to stop him. If he wants
    to win the game, he will. They have had a vast amount of 4th quarter
    comebacks this year and when the Ravens sat back, Peyton found a way
    to beat them, when the Jets came blitz heavy, Peyton found a way to
    beat them…

    He is just too good and will continue to be until his retires on top
    of the game. As a fan of the game, I used to hate Manning because of
    how good he was, but through-out the years, it’s impossible as a fan
    of the game not to enjoy watching him play.

    Drew Brees on the other hands, is no slouch, in my eyes, he is the
    best quarterback other than Peyton and this is going to be quite the
    SuperBowl. TheCoach was predicting a Saints-Colts SuperBowl earlier
    in the season and I am so glad it’s happened!!

    Feel free to check out TheCoach’s Pick @

    Best of luck to both teams this week,

  35. Steelman says:

    Slowbama did pick the Steelers last year. One of the only things he’s managed to accomplish since taking office…

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  38. ChipDWood says:

    WAIT, wait, it’s ok. Obama picked both the Saints AND the Colts to win.

    So, he’s totally right, and clearly, made the right choices between the two.

  39. Only The Truth says:

    Another WISE, INTUITIVE, Well Thought Out, selection by our “leader”, bongo ears Obama.

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