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What Do the Saints Mean to You?

It’s Saturday here in New Orleans and downtown is fast filling with tailgaters and partygoers getting ready for tonight’s Saints game. It’s amazing to see so many  happy people come together and celebrate sports and a team that is deeply New Orleans. In fact, Louisiana was recently named the happiest state in America in a recent CDC study.

The Saints story this year is much more than wins and losses. It’s the story of a celebration of all that is New Orleans. Hard to imagine, but the city almost lost the team after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Superdome was in such disrepair that it was going to be torn down.

With the wins comes a lot of media exposure. I don’t know about you, but I’ve read a lot of misconceptions about this team and this post-Katrina city and it’s relationship. ESPN did a wonderful article on this relationship. It’s well worth the read.

So my questions to you Saints fans, media members, Saintsgab readers, what do the Saints mean to you and to New Orleans? What do you think is their relationship to a post-Katrina New Orleans?

Please click the comments link at the bottom of this post to leave your comments. I’ll give you my take soon. Let the debate begin!

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11 Responses to “What Do the Saints Mean to You?”

  1. Crawgator says:

    Well to me the Saints mean everything..I have been a Saints fans way back to the days when we wore paper sacks on our heads.But we were still Saints Fans. From there we went to the Dome Patrol,12 wins Baby. I haven’t been back to New Orleans since Katrina. Lived in a Fema trailer for 2 1/2 years after the storm.. Now my family lives in the middle of the Desert in California.We miss New Orleans so bad to say the least.. So the Saints mean everything to me and my family.. TThere Dedication to the City of New Orleans, keeps my families hopes up.Their commitment to becoming a better team is very motivating to me.SO GEAUX SAINTS, Win us fans a SuperBowl., Cause you got fans all over the World now not just in New Orleans

    • Gilbert says:

      Thanks Crawgator!

      I think this team will still be a Super Bowl contender when all is said and done. How many times do you hear Brees and Co. talk about winning for the fans or about how great it is for this franchise and it’s fans. Classy if you ask me ..a team that knows it’s fans and team history.

      Hope you can make it back to New Orleans one day.

  2. DREWPEES says:


  3. JPK says:

    Well, to me, the Saints mean STUPIDITY. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a Saints fan for most of my adult life, but the coaching love affair with everybody BUT Pierre Thomas has me scratching my bloody head. What the hell does Payton see, or not see, in P.T.? It’s driving me up the bloody wall. Yeah, we’re undefeated (not for long I fear), but the under utilization of P.T. is quite appalling to me. I mean, any high school coach would use Thomas over Bell. I’m sorry, but the talent comparison is a no-brainer.

    I guess I’m just a frustrated P.T. fan seeing his ability wasted. Sad, really.

    Just needed to vent.

  4. The Aint's Lose!!! says:


    • Chef Dat says:

      The cowboys don’t have their own saying for when they win? Originality is the only thing that isn’t “bigger in Texas?”

  5. Lee Ann Lecheler says:

    Hey, I have an idea. Why not give Christians a break and, for once, mock somebody else’s god. What do you think of that “Drew-hammed”?

    • Chef Dat says:

      Out of cheeks to turn? Not very Christian like to fight sillyness with sillyness. I am pretty sure your God would ignore “mocking.” Way to fight the good fight tho…interesting.

      • Gilbert says:

        I agree with Lee Ann..not a big fan of the Breesus playing in the Sacradome. And I think Drew says he’s not a big fan either.

  6. Chef Dat says:

    There have been pleanty of bad times. There have been some good times too.

    “To better apreciate the sweet you have to know the bitter.” some Kevin Smith movie (i think)

    “I had to stop watching them in due to the depression I would feel when they lost…Why do i spend one day off psyching myself up for this and the only other day off I have depressed that they lost…AGAIN” –my barber

    So any fan admits that we have been through pleanty of heart break with this team. BUT we have been through it together. I admit when Morton Anderson was cast away i took a few seasons off due to my heart break. How do these guys affect us so much?
    My theory is the fact that we are such a laid back people. We spend our off time having SERIOUS recreation. Our seasons have NOTHING to do with the temperature or our wardrobe selection. Crawfish/Crab/Shrimp season…Mardi Gras season…Festival season…Saints season.
    We are a recriation destination. People come here to have fun, drink, eat, and be what they can’t be back in their strip mall lined homes.

    The saints have provided this city with yet another common thread. One that we all agree on. One that makes the city feel even more united. Built up from a group of rejects and working together to force others to notice us. Making the best of what we can with what we got…how do you think gumbo got its start? Ingredients that are nothing but close to each other in proximity and utilized well by people that care.
    We may not win them all but we will shake up the NFL not just this year but for a while.
    Together as one whole city we will watch and cheer and forget our pains and sorrows.
    Who Dat! Ohh and a congrats to the Cowboys for a great performance. Hopefully that is the last taste of defeat we have to wash down.

    • Gilbert says:

      Haha! Love the Kevin Smith reference. I think we got the same barber too.

      And the gumbo analogy..spoken like a true chef.

      I like your points about this town being a recreational town. Yeah, we don’t look foward to fall, just football season, followed by Christmas, followed by Mardi Gras, Easter, Crawfish, etc. thanks for changing my view on the subject.

      Who Dat!

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