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Romo or Brees – Who is the best QB in the NFC?

The AFC has Tom Brady and Peyton Manning; both are elite QB’s that can lead their teams to victory. Both are Super Bowl MVP’s and both will one day be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.

The NFC however has two great QB’s, but it would be hard to place them in the elite column. Tony Romo, and Drew Brees are great in the same respect, that both are the leaders behind two of the NFL’s most high powered offenses. They both have their go to guy with Romo and T.O., and Brees with Colston, but neither has made it to a Super Bowl.

Both Romo and Brees play the position with different styles, Romo is an add lib guy, with Brees using a more strategic approach to the game. Brees is married, and is more settled. Brees spends his off season doing charity work, and promoting his Drew Brees Foundation. Romo is single, and likes dating the next best thing. He does charity work, but more than often can be found doing red carpet premiers.

Now what a person does in his down time does not mean he will be better or worse at the sport he plays. It is just odd how they can be total opposites in personalities, but be two of the best QB’s in the game today.

Brees entered the league in 2001 via the draft. Brees spent a year holding a clipboard, and then was given a chance to play, having a not so great start, but then in 2004 with Philip Rivers waiting to take over, had his best year ever. In 2006 Brees was brought in by New Orleans to be their franchise QB, even though he was still recovering from shoulder injury.

Romo, was an undrafted free agent in 2003 for the Dallas Cowboys. He was the third string QB, and was almost lost in the shuffle, when the Cowboys decided to bring in veteran Drew Bledsoe. He then spent three and a half years waiting for his chance.

Both Romo and Brees have two Pro Bowl selections a piece, and both are part of high powered offenses. They both benefit greatly with an outstanding supporting cast of running backs and wide receivers. Romo has the veteran ace T.O. with Brees throwing to third year phenom Marques Colston.

The one thing in common they both have is that Romo was with Coach Payton, in Dallas , and Brees now plays for the third year head coach for New Orleans .

If you look at their 2007 stats, Romo had a Pro Bowl year with 4,211 yards passing
36 TD, 19 INT , and 97.4 passer rating. Brees finished the year with 4,423 yards passing 28 TD, 18 INT and 89.4 passer rating.

Romo clearly had a better year statistically, but Dallas also had a better defense that allowed Romo to play with Dallas ahead most of the time. While Brees, played most games with a sense of urgency and needing to score because the Saints defense was one of the worst in the league.

So after pondering for a few minutes, weighing in all the evidence, and with much deliberation.

Drew Brees gets the edge over Tony Romo as the best QB in the NFC.

Let me know what you think…..

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12 Responses to “Romo or Brees – Who is the best QB in the NFC?”

  1. Bull_Shirt says:

    I would agree that Brees is, for the time being, the best in the NFC, but only because he has a few more games under his belt. However, I feel that Romo will come into his own, if not this year, then within one or two. It makes me wonder what would have happened if they would have started Romo over BLedsoe sooner than they did? Maybe he wouldn’t have been ready, or maybe he could have brought them further last year than he was able, had he started sooner. We’ll never know that answer of course. Time will tell who becomes the “Best”, but for now, being a Cowboy fan, I am well pleased by what I have seen so far. Oh, and I follow the Saints and Texans as well, but when it comes to head to head, I’m Cowboys all the way.

  2. Andy says:

    Umm…. I know this was a trick question right? 1. McNabb 2. Brees. 3. Romo. McNabb is a 5 time pro bowler mvp runner up

  3. Robert says:

    McNabb? don’t make me laugh, the question is “who is the best QB in the NFC” at the present time, not 2 or 3 years ago.
    I think Tony is coming along pretty well, I give Brees a slight edge but I feel that Romo will surpass him some time during the season as the best in the NFC. Don’t forget Eli, he may not be great but he’s good, I think he’s the 3rd best QB in the NFC.

  4. Robert says:

    Good Catch Robert, yes we are talking about the present, not the past. McNabb is walking the line of has been great QB’s. But I dont think Romo will ever surpass, he may get better, but with the guys around him, he clearly should be able to win a playoff game.

  5. nola chick says:

    i somehow ended up with both of them on my fantasy team. (don’t ask.) it’ll be interesting to see who i end up trading by mid-season

  6. Michael Driscoll says:

    Both are talented. Drew has been more consistent, certainly has a longer track record and has shown strength and leadership in the face of adversity more so than most. And then there’s the playoffs — how does a guy do in the big games? I’d have to give the edge to Drew in that as well.

  7. DocDerb says:

    I would definitely say Brees. He is more consistant(especially when the O-line does their job)as well as a great leader/motivator. I’m really not 100% sold on Romo yet. I still think he needs a lot more experience and confidence. I keep remembering him choke in the playoffs two years ago. As for McNabb, please.. he was great in his prime, but is aging…badly.

  8. Tracy says:

    Brees vs Romo…easy pick Brees. Romo has underachieved with a great supporting cast, while Brees has done exceptional with a terrible defense last year. I’ve been hearing from Cowboy fans about Romo for the last two years. Sooner or later the “potential” tag has to stop being applied. He CAN be great, but he has to ACHIEVE it. Brees has and should do well this year. We will see about Romo.

  9. marcos says:

    Mcnabb please the only thing he is good at is missing games with injuries…while tony vs drew its any easy question drew is the better QB tony romo always chokes when it counts the most and the saints would’ve made the playoffs lats year but our D dint step up i actually think drew brees is gonna have the most TD this year in the NFL and the saints will make the playoffs you best belive dat

  10. vincent says:

    they are 2 good players i have to say brees

  11. alex says:

    brees won a superbowl and romo hasn’t brees better stats also better than both mannings
    right now 1.brady 2. brees 3.peyton manning 4. farve 5.mcnabb 6. Big Ben 7. Eli 8.romo 9. Philip Rivers 10. chad Pennington

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