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Training camp Afternoon Notes 7/28/08


Another raw update from camp afternoon practice:

Before anyone else gets out there, Buck Ortega was out tossing the ball around with the coaches.

Blythe was out early, but not in pads again (concussion), but we heard that he should be allowed to practice tomorrow if everything continues as it is now.

Porter was out early in shorts as well with Devery as well.

Bullocks and Stecker were the first players out that were in pads.

*Team walked through kickoff return blocking and coverage first. No actual play, just starting the play with KR running forward and blocking practiced with coverage moving in.

While this was going on, Colston and Shockey were warming up on the bikes.

Also while this was going on Coach O could be heard yelling at the D-line in the distance (back corner by goal post). The stereotype is true. ?

Worked KO to the middle, left and right. PT and Copper rotated in as KR as they never actually did anything full speed.

Hollis Thomas and Deuce were not dressed. Deuce was limping pretty obviously. Patten was not wearing pads when he came out either.

*1st and 2nd teams split up into groups facing the opposite goal lines to do a non-hitting walk through at half speed.

Those on the 1st team side that we noticed:

Offense: Meachem, Colston, Bush, Mark Cambell, Billy Miller, Patten (watching), Karney, Brees, and Moore.

Defense: Gay, Harper, Shanle, Simoneau, Fujita, Bullocks, McKenzie, Kaesviharn, Will Smith, Grant, Lake, Kendrick Clancy, Marvin Mitchell.

Those on the 2nd team that we noticed:

Offense: Brunell, Copper, Skyler Green, Curtis Hamilton, Stecker, Lynell Hamilton, Jermaine Allen (38), Kevin Dudley, Buck Ortega, Adrian Arrington, Jermon Bushrod, Isaiah Ross, Carl Nicks, Rob Hunt, Matt Lehr, Zack Strief.

Defense: Aaron Glenn, Brian Young, Marcus Pittman, Chris Reis, David Roach, Usama Young, Jason Craft, Wale Dada, William Kershaw, Vilma, Troy Evans, Marquies Gunn, Orien Harris.

This list is not complete, but it’s who we noticed while they were practicing. The only real note that was worthy to mention was that Reggie lined up as not just a running back, but also as a receiver in the walk through

*O and D split up. Defense ran the drill over the speed bumps on the ground (shuttle?), forward facing. MM ran through it and looked good on his knee.CBs moved away

Offense did walk throughs at ¾ speed to practice the screen play with each squad (1st, 2nd, and 3rd all running it back to back) and then did the same thing with the reverse play.

The D-line stayed by the “speed bumps” and ran it again, with a turn to hit a dummy QB to simulate pressuring the QB. The CBs split off and were doing INT drills. Glenn, Fassitt and Dada all made their catches. Jason David and Randall Gay both dropped theirs.

*The field shifted to the D-line and O-line off again to the opposite sides of the field and the QB/RB together doing hand offs. The best part though was the CB/WR bump at the line of scrimmage drill (like the morning drill). The point was for the WR to get past the CB without being knocked too far off their route. The coaches had orange cones to mark off a limit of how far the CBs should either push the WRs out or keep them from going past them. Here is a summary of what we saw:

Colston beat Aaron Glenn.
Meachem beat Jason David.
Randall Gay knocked Copper off his route.
Skyler Green made Wale Dada look silly, getting past with a slick juke.
Curtis Hamilton beat Usama Young
Arrington beat Jason Craft
Colston beat Greg Fassitt
Meachem OWNED Jason David with a slick move to leave David in the dust.
Copper and Dada didn’t seem to have a clear winner. Copper made it past, but Dada was with him the whole way.
Randal Gay OWNED Lance Moore at the line. It was pretty bad.
Skyler Green beat Usama Young.
Curtis Hamilton beat Aaron Glenn.
Adrian Arrington beat Jason Craft.
Colston beat McKenzie. (McKenzie looked real tentative on that only play he was in for this drill)

*The Defense and Offense split up again. QBs and WR were doing pass pattern practice. It was all about running a crisp route and then catching a ball. The RBs were practicing coming out of the backfield for a screen or short pass while chipping the DE. I couldn’t see what the defense was doing because a young kid had come and stood right next to me, blocking my view.

-Outs first. Hamilton dropped a pass.
-Ins next. Copper dropped a pass.
-Middle slants. Nothing big.
-Hook pattern. Skyler Green had the “WOW” catch of the day (so far) with a 1 handed catch on a pass behind him. It was quite an impressive one handed catch.
-Post pattern. Green followed his wow catch up by running his post patter too wide and actually running into the coach that was coaching him on how to run his route while trying to run it. It was sadly a bit funny. ?
-QB roll out to a sideline pass. Only note was that Meachem made one catch and was holding the ball in one hand out away from his body (like a loaf of bread) and the coach that Green ran into started yelling at him “Tuck the ball in!”
-Break out, break in, then go for an outside pass over the shoulder. All made good catches, nothing spectacular.

Next the QB/WR did a “4 routes, 4 passes” routine where all four receivers go out for a pattern and four different people throw 4 different balls to each one. Meachem dropped an easy one, but followed it up with a good leaping grab. Billy Miller also had a good catch on one pass.

* Offense vs. defense again

First team defense was kaesviharn, vilma (mlb), shanle, fujita, david, mckenzie, harper, smith, grant, lake, and Clancy

First play – middle run by Reggie.

15 yard pass to lance moore.

Pierre Thomas outlet pass, d-line pressured brees.

Middle pass to reggie due to d-line pressure.

Stecker up the middle, Fujita blitzed from the outside.

PT up the middle. No movement, d-line held.

Second team

Young, Bullocks, Craft, Simoneau (mlb), Dunbar, Shanle, Pittman (replaced Lake). Other d-line unnoticed.

Barclay run up the middle.

Fake inside handoff, reverse to Copper to the left side, great run by Copper.

Third team

Defense didn’t really switch up.

Coach O yelling

Barclay up the middle, big hole, d-line didn’t seem to be there.

Over the middle pass to AA.


During the break, noticed Hollis Thomas with a gargantuan ice wrap on his right leg.

Redzone First Team

Pass to the right, tipped by Charles Grant

Over the middle to Billy Miller, Vilma went for the strip/pop-out, but wasn’t successful.

Pressure and coverage really good, Brees had to roll out to the left, threw it over Reggie’s head.

Pass to the right to Lance Moore.

Nice pass to Billy Miller in the back corner of the end zone. He was WIDE OPEN.

Second team.

Middle short pass to Copper. The first read on the outside was covered well by Dunbar.

Ghent won the LOS battle against Josh Savage. Once he had Savage on the ground, the ball was in his hands and he was moving down the field.

Over the middle pass to Moore, well thrown by Brunell.

Third team

Palko not reading well, rolled out due to pressure. Makes a really nice sidearmed pass to AA who makes an even better catch.

Short pass to Lynell Hamilton. Palko still not reading well, had to dump off to the rb.


First Team

Reggie up the middle.

Steck up the middle.

Nice bullet pass from Brees to Colston, really nice catch by Colston using his size advantage over Jason David.

Pass over the middle to Meachem.

Bad snap, ball didn’t even get out of the centers hands.

Colston at the goal line over Jason David (size mismatch again)

Jammal Brown and Will Smith fight.

Nice pass to Meachem. As he catches it, Harper knocks the ball out of his hands.

Second Team

Good coverage, dump off to Barclay.

Sideline dumpoff to the left for Hamilton. Jason Craft and Copper got tangled up at the goalline.. got up a little slow, but seemed to be fine.

Sideline pass to Barclay to the right. As they walked off Barclay and Brunell did a little fist pound/handshake type of deal.

Third team

Hamilton up the middle.

AA catches a bullet, then is popped by Reis, but still holds onto the ball. The crowd goes nuts.

Ugly backward pass to Barclay. I think it was on the ground after the lateral. Hard to see in front of the other players in the way.

Pass to the middle left of the field to Hamilton. As it’s caught, Mitchell and Shanle converge on the ball and knock it into the air, but no one comes up with it.


Kickoff coverage/blocking practice.

Full kickoff practice. PT and Barclay handled kickoff duties. Barclay is very fast. Drill was half speed, so they were always running free.

As things wound down, you could hear a coach telling Kershaw ‘good hustle’.

After breaking, everyone leaves, but Stecker, Fassitt, and Reis catch some short passes from the JUGS machine.

All three QB’s stayed and worked on short yardage/red zone with Colston, Meachem, and a gimpy Henderson (obviously not at full speed)

Last people on the field were Brees and Henderson, Brees was throwing over the shoulder passes to Henderson.

Autographs added to the hat were Campbell, Moore, Colston, and Meachem.

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