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Take it to the Bank – Saints the Best Team in the NFC

Mcallister goes in for a score

You Heard Right Dallas Fans; the best team in the NFC is the Saints. I know what some of you are saying, but without a doubt the Saints are the team to beat in 2008.

Last years predictions were simply a roll off of the success they had in 2006, the pieces that were put in place to fix the holes in the defense did not pan out, and injuries kept the playmakers off the field. The loss of Deuce was like tying a boxer’s right hand behind his back. The big punch he brings was not there. Deuce wears teams down, and that did not happen after he went down.

This year is different, the defensive holes have been filled, and teams will now have to worry about at least 3 major threats with Reggie Bush, Marques Colston, and now Jeremy Shockey going down the field. This will also open the run game and provide the lethal blow to opposing teams each week.

Just looking at the rest of the teams in the NFC, there are just to many questions left to be answered. 7 teams in the NFC have questions still at the QB position. Also there are the off the field issues that are plaguing some.

As far as Dallas is concerned, the only team that is close to being on the same talent level as the Saints. They will implode from within; they have a playboy QB, that can’t stay focused, and other playmakers that are focused more on individual accomplishments instead of just winning as a team.

I have already stated my case in previous articles, so I will just give you the cliff notes.

QB Drew Brees is the most accurate passer in the NFL, giving him 3 playmakers to throw the ball to will be a sure thing.

Whoever lines up in the backfield for the Saints will benefit from the passing game, and see allot of open field to run in.

The Offensive line is returning everyone except Center Jeff Faine; they will once again allow Drew Brees to stay upright this year.

The Defensive line is stacked and has enough quality backups to allow plenty of rotation, and rest so when the 4th qtr comes around, they will be able to maintain and hold teams allot more.

The linebackers will benefit from the improvements in the D line, and will be able to chase and tackle without worrying about those big OL guys bearing down on them. Vilma is going to be the spark; the LB core has been missing.

The CB, and Safety positions are stacked as well, each person will be playing harder than ever, in fear that if a hint of 2007 pops up, Coach Payton will yank them in a heart beat.

So with that, my 2008 prediction for the New Orleans Saints is:

13-3 Regular Season Record

NFC South Champions

NFC Champions

Super Bowl Champions,

5 Saints going to the Pro Bowl this year!!!

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38 Responses to “Take it to the Bank – Saints the Best Team in the NFC”

  1. Frenchfreak says:

    If only Lito Sheppard…

  2. malicious says:

    robert, robert, robert,
    while i appreciate the ludicrous enthusiasm and unadulterated fanboyism(yes i just created that word, stay with me), have u lost ur mind? i love the saints, been watching them since i was 5, have a fleur-di-lis tatooed on my back for gods sake, but to predict a superbowl victory is just plain retarded.

    did we get better this offseason? yes. will shockey provide diversity to an already potent pass attack? yes. will brees once again pass the 4,000 yard mark? again, yes. however, the guarrantees sort of stop there buddy.

    will the addition of vilma improve our defense? IF he’s healthy. will the secondary stop getting torched every 5 plays? IF this highly paid line gets the pressure it’s supposed too but hasn’t yet. will we have a quality running game? IF either deuce has a miraculous recovery from 2 knee surgeries, or pierre thomas steps up. let’s change this one to doubtful.

    2 many if’s in this season. hold off on those tickets to the superbowl, i hear their a ton

  3. Lee Ashy says:

    What an article! I could not have said it better myself!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bayou Bengal says:

    I hope you are right, cher!

    Some big ifs though.

    What IF Duece isn’t the same back he has been the last 8 years?

    What IF the Corners and Safties aren’t any better?

    I love the Deuce but, if he is not back to his old self then what? Maybe a trade during the preseason for a quality between the tackles runner?

  5. KtoLV says:

    I’m not all that high on Lito. When he’s on the field, I think he is better than Samuels. Problem last couple of years is the on the field part. This… along w/ if he is traded somewhere, he wants a new contract that pays him more $$… a risk.. JMO.

  6. D. Ware says:

    I totally agree !!! I have been with the Saint for 27 long years. This is the year we declared war on the entire NFL. I am predicting they go 13 – 3 this year… Super Bowl Champs.. Hell if the Giants can pull it out the Saints can because we are a better team.

  7. Jeff Duncan says:

    Saints aren’t the best in the NFC and barely make the top 5. Nice team pride though.

  8. George says:

    I am a big Saints fan, but there are so many ifs! If the ifs turn out positive, I agree with article. But then you have to look at the other teams ifs coming true also. I Will be screaming loudly watching every game. WHO DAT!

  9. Brian says:

    While I agree it MAY be possible for the Saints to go 13-3 I cannot agree with Robert’s rosy expectations for our CB and Safety positions. We were not that bad against the run last year, and our defensive additions should improve that. The problem is that when you stop the run teams pass, and our pass defense was near the bottom last season. We didn’t do anything to improve that. We maybe stacked at CB and Safety, but not one of them is Pro Bowl material, or even close. Our offense is exciting, and it’s great that we’re scoring more than 17 PPG, but when you put up 30 or more and lose, you’ve got problems.
    13-3 may get you to a Super Bowl, but ask New England if the best offense guarantees a championship. Indy and NY’s defenses got better all year and peaked in the Super Bowl wins fortheir teams. The Saints defense needs to do the same to have any chance of advancing in the playoffs.

  10. d bennett says:

    Great article ! GO SAINTS !!

  11. percy davis says:

    way to many unanswer questions.
    1.running backs
    2.TE shockey worst off the dallas T.O. ok to give up a play but last year every big play went for T.D.
    4.defense as a whole need to play as one & pass
    5.special team need to be consisted.

  12. Joe George says:

    The only time the Saints(aints) will ever get to the Super Bowl is in JUVEMBER, and this month don’t exist.

    It’s about tradition and ‘WHO DAT’ it’s the Boys! How bout the Cowboys!

  13. ed says:

    aahhahahahahahahahahahahaha……WOW…thats the biggest load of S. H. I. T. I have ever heard lolololol Dallas is #1 son Please be real for a few seconds and you will see that…deuce this and guy goes down and the whole team sucked the d.i.c.k. SOO yea their are not #1 sorry to burst your bobble..

  14. Robert says:

    Thanks Ed, for you wonderful feed back.

    Grat to have a Dallas fans opinion.

  15. d bennett says:

    Come on “ed” even a middle schooler could express himself better than that-you can disagree with someone less crudely and people may actually listen to you

  16. ed says:

    hey “d bennett”..suck a dick… hahaha

  17. Robert says:

    Hey Ed, I can tell you are a class act, and a stand up guy, by shooting insults via comments on the internet, Your just like Dallas Cowboys, talk a lot, but never deliver.

    And second, “D bennett” is my mother, So I dont appreciate that.

    I’m sure you can understand when I say, I hope we never meet!!

  18. ed says:

    OH come on dont get all tough online, if you cant take other people talking shit back DONT COMMENT TOWARDS THEM asshole. and YOU can suck my dick then if you dont want your mother to..get a life grow up and I dont understand whey you say I hope we never meet…why Cuz you wanna kick my ass lol ok..

  19. Robert says:

    Its called respect, which I can see your mother never taught you, This is not a site were comments like yours are welcome. You can disagree, but keep the comments clean. And its not about being tough online, clearly you are hiding behind your key board as you write your comments. Come on down to Miami, and lets talk face to face.

  20. ed says:

    shut up or go away talk shit or DONT TALK AT ALL fag

  21. rich says:

    hey robert I see where you are comming from when it comes to ed being rude man, but on the other hand your mom should not be insulting people and not expect the person shes insulting to respond to some degree. on that note…i agree with ed Dallas has the best chance to repp the NFC in the superbowl not the Saints

  22. Robert says:

    Hey rich, I see you and ed are brothers.

    Anyone can respond to “some degree”, comments are welcome.

    Telling someone to suck a dick, is over the degree, no matter who it was adressed to. Those are not welcome, and the fact that it was to my mother, just adds to it.
    And if you look at the response my mother wrote it was in regard to the idiot remarks that ed wrote and how he expressed himself and the words he used.

    But I cant blame any of you, if you actually think Dallas will ever be as good as they were in the 90’s, you are both retarded!!!

  23. ed says:

    hahaha i cant believe this really bothers you this much lolol what a queer!!
    Hey rich dont sweat it these assholes are just jealous that the S”aints” will never measure up the the Dallas Cowboys…what robert you got a problem…well SUCK MY DICK loser lololol

  24. Robert says:

    Ed, it does not bother me, but it must bother you, since you keep responding.

    Check it out, so we can end this. The article was written for a contest the editor of this site was having with all the writers. The article that got the most views would be the winner, and guess what I won, so I would like to thank you, and everyone else for reading it, the $50 sports gift card, was great.

    And I tell you what, once the season is over, we will see who was right.

  25. ed says:

    I will be right obviously loser lol and your welcome..and no it doesnt (im not you) I just like to see what you say every time I talk shit because you get all butt hurt everytime some says something true about the S”aints” AND OR your mom faggot. get over your self ANNNNNND S”aints” suck ..10-6 AT BEST sorrrrry to hit you with the truth like that

  26. Robert says:

    Its nice to see you found the time to take Tony Romo’s dick out you mouth, and reply.

    Yes you are so right, I have been crying my eyes out, over everything you said about the Saints, and my mom. You are so mean, and I can never match your literary prowess.

    Oh yea, tell your mom she gave me the clap.

  27. ed "d bennetts daddy" says:

    hahahahahaha see now was that so your finally starting to have a lil funn lol a little old school with the come backs but hey everyone has to start somewhere right?? Right…sooo once again (AT BEST)10-6 S”aints” suck the nut like you and your mom(but your mom likes to swallow), Dallas has the best chance to get to the bowl in the NFC,you get butt hurt to easy ANNNND Saints fans (like your self) are like the French, hates and talks shit about the bigger and STRONGER USA, but when push comes to shove, they get bitched down…..kinda ironic if you REALLY think about french,Louisiana…must be something passed on by generations….

  28. Robert says:

    Ok, ok, youuuuuu got me there.

    When was the last time the Cowboys played in the NFC championship game?

    Thats what I thought.

    Half your team is probowlers but you cant win the big one. Face it, Aikman and emmit are gone, and they are not coming back. Dallas will never be superbowl champions again.

    Wake up from your gay ass dream.

  29. ed says:

    look at you getting all mad lololol thats funny just like the S”aints” cant even make it to the playoffs…Dont get all MAD calm your queer ass down fagg. just jealous of our 5 superbowl rings and our 13 pro bowlers…LIKE I HAVE BEEN SAYIN you dumb shit Dallas has the best CHANCE…CHANCE..ok and the AINTS dont have a CHANCE AT ALL ..seriously..ohh yea i didnt pull out the other night and i think your gonna have a half broher..ahahahahaha

  30. Robert says:

    Chance, Chance?

    You beat the Giants twice last year but when it counted, you choked, and in 2006, romo choked. So what if you have the best chance, woopdee fucking Doo.

    You had a chance to be a man, but I can see that did not work out for ya.

    And brother, thats great, I will beat the shit out of him everyday. And let him know his father is a little faggot, that is still living in the past of what the Cowboys have done.

    Oh yea, Dont forget the ass woopin the Saints put on you in 2006 at your own house.

    So until the cowboys beat the Saints, and they win a playoff game, dont say anything else.

    And what kind of name is ed? Little faggot name, ed. “Hi, my name is ed.”
    Dude you are pethetic, You probally jumped on the Cowboys band wagon any way.

    And tell your mom she better have my money.

  31. ed says:

    hahahahahahahahaha JEALOUSY lol wooow you surprise me about living in the hurricane fucks yall up, you have a great season then CHOKE in the playoffs…and havent been back since..dont count on it this year either hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha queer..its real funny to see how someone can get so pissed off over the S”aints lol you can talk shit all day about the boys BUT my ass doesnt hurt like yalls does …hense Butt hurt lolol time will tell who is right cock sucker (dont tell me, your mom taught how to suck it right..typical S”aints” fans)

  32. Robert says:

    And your a typical Cowgirl fan, living in the past. On all the superbowls you won how long ago?

    Hope your mom gets Aids and dies!!

  33. ed says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha what you gonna call me a fart knocker next hahahahaha you havent WON ANY!! hahahahaha QUEER!!
    “”When the S”aints” go marching in”” to the superbowl to WATCH the dallas cowboys whip some ass I hope you and your mom committ a double suicide lolol and I have been a Dallas fann for as long as you have been sucking dick…AND THAT IS FUCKING LOOONG TIME FAGGOT hahahahahaha

  34. ed says:

    13-3 Regular Season Record — WRONG
    10-6 AT BEST

    NFC South Champions — maybe

    NFC Champions — WRONG
    Dallas will be

    Super Bowl Champions — WRONG
    you cant be SB champs if you dont get to the superbowl LET ALONE the playoffs lol

    5 Saints going to the Pro Bowl this year!!! —– WRONG


  35. Robert says:

    Hey Ed, that cyrstal ball your looking in is broke, because if it was working, You would see that the Cow girls are going to finish 3-13, and tony romo will get hurt, because your mother bit his dick off while she was fucking the cowgirls on the day before the game.

  36. ed says:

    OK well in ALL seriousness, we both have extreme bias toward are teams of choice, and in this case the Saints and the Cowboys. who ever is better whether on paper or on the field remains to be seen. preseason doesnt mean much and the past is the past. so with this new season we will find out who the best in the NFC is. and WHO ever it is, just hope we can knock off the AFC in the superbowl again..(which we will)no hard feelings Rob I get a kick out off this if you couldnt tell already and tell your mom im sorry too lol…annnd like always GO COWBOYS

  37. Robert says:

    Same here, A little gabing between to guys is all good.

    I get a kick out of it too, same thing with the guys in the office.

    And give my regard to you mother also.

    GO Saints!

  38. 5 Titles Biiiiaaaaatch!!!! says:

    Hey Robert! The Cowboys never deliver? Hmmmm. How many Super Bowl titles do the Saints have? As a matter of fact, how many times have the Ain’ts played in a Super Bowl? The answer to both questions is 0. The closest the Ain’ts have been to the Super Bowl is when it was hosted at the Not-So-Superdome. The New Orleans Ain’ts couldn’t deliver pizza on Super Bowl Sunday. Keep your funky little couple of playoff wins from 2 years ago. Titles are the only thing that matters. Good job following up your “magical” playoff run with a horrible season where you didn’t even make the playoffs. Offensively you guys will be more than adequate this year but you still can’t defend worth a damn. The Cowboys are at the head of NFL history and tradition along with a few other teams. The Ain’ts are a non-factor. I apologize for the brutal honesty but you Ain’ts fans are getting a little uppity. It’s fans like you who make Cowboys fans like me present facts like this but then you call us arrogant. Someone needed to write you bitches a reality check. See you losers in the playoffs. Good luck in your wild card game.

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